The Not So Grand Canal

(C) Marta Stoklosa

A few days ago, when I was walking along the Grand Canal in Portobello I noticed that the part of the canal between Rathmines Bridge and Harold’s Cross Bridge had been drained and a big piece of machinery was standing in the middle of it. It looks like Waterways Ireland decided to deepen another part of the canal. I only hope that this time the work will be better organised than the last time when the neighbouring part of the canal was deepened. I do not mind the pong one has to endure while walking along the drained canal. However, I definitely mind the inconvenience the feathered canal inhabitants must be going through now and the trauma they will be experiencing when the works last too long. Last time the works coincided perfectly with the nesting season. It was just heartbreaking to watch all the mother ducks and moorhens paddling in the mud at the bottom of the canal and all the baby birds hopelessly vulnerable before predators. All it takes is a little bit of planning to avoid this.

Sorry, I tried to avoid going on about birds but I just could not help myself.


4 thoughts on “The Not So Grand Canal”

  1. I suppose that these canal works that you mention are necessary. They seem to take their time about them though! It’s a shame not to have the swans around in the depths of winter. I wonder where they’ve moved to? I hope people are feeding them wherever they’ve gone.


  2. I’m happy to say that the “not so grand canal” has had its grandeur restored. The water is back and the pong removed. The ducks were quick to discover the restoration but the swans still haven’t returned in numbers. What’s wrong with talking about birds anyway!


  3. Oh dear, I spoke too soon last week. The section of the canal by Portobello has been drained again even though another section is actually being dredged. I’ll never doubt my lack of faith in Waterways Ireland again!


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