Good Material for a Photographer

(C) Marta Stoklosa

At the moment I am halfway through the first term of my studies in photography and actually wonder whether I am a totally unsuitable person for this kind of career. During my trip to Burma I meant to work on my project by photographing local children. The idea was great but fulfilling it proved much more difficult. I just felt too shy to ask people if I could take pictures of them and was immediately discouraged when they seemed unhappy about my taking the pictures. Some people were very eager to be in the photos while others even asked me to photograph them.  On the other hand, some people were quite hostile.  When unsure about the possible reaction of the people I usually preferred not to try at all. I just do not like being pushy, forcing my way into places where I am not wanted.   Perhaps I respect other people’s privacy too much to be a good photographer. A few days spent with my travel companion, who definitely did not have this kind of problem was a good lesson on how to get out of my comfort zone but there is still much work to do in this department.


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