Burmese Pictures

Before I headed off to Asia I looked into the pictures of Steve McCurry, especially the shots from his expedition to Burma, and portraits of children taken by Sebastiao Salgado. I did not even think that such research would be so useful even for holiday snapshots. Even though the main purpose of the digital pictures taken during my holidays was just to preserve the memories, it was so much nicer to know exactly what I wanted to concentrate on and put structure on my ideas.
Although resting from work I was also completing my photographic projects i.e. mimic shot and visual communication. I was a little sceptical about the idea of taking black & white pictures in an environment where colours are so vital.  However, today I printed the contact sheets and I am really surprised how well they look in black & white. As far as processing is concerned, I am really surprised that I did not manage to mix up the chemicals and to develop the films in fixer or fix them in developer. I am so absent minded. I suppose that biting the films off the rolls, as I left the scissors outside the darkroom, can be considered a normal procedure in my case.
Anyway, here are a few of digital snapshots.

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