Part – Time Student

I have always wanted to study photography, however, my ‘academic’ career followed a completely different path. I have recently decided to do something to follow my dreams and became a student again. I was aware of the fact that working and studying at the same time would be hard but I did not expect my life to turn into total chaos. At the moment everything in my life revolves around photography. If I am not at work, I am in the darkroom or running around the city with my camera. Processing and printing my own pictures is really great fun but the steps leading to perfection are really steep. I have to learn most of the things by experimenting and making many mistakes which is very time-consuming, not to mention cash-consuming. It is great to do what I have always dreamt about, however, at the moment when the films take up more space in my fridge than the food, I probably should think about a more balanced lifestyle.

(C) Marta Stoklosa

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