Sea Parrot

I guess I have neglected the ‘wildlife’  part of my blog for quite a while. Today I was talking to a friend to whom I promised to send a picture of a puffin, so I guess it may be a good opportunity to mention these guys in my blog.

Since my trip to the Orkneys some years ago, I have always wanted to see one of them quite close. Unfortunately, at that time I could only see flocks of something moving in the distance or sitting on the rocks. Last summer I decided I definitely had to see a puffin and was lucky enough to do so at the Great Saltee Island. However, the price was high. When I finally got back to the shore I was completely soaked, sea-sick and smelling of bird shite.  But at least I had seen the puffins. I definitely think that calling them ‘sea parrots’ or ‘clowns of the sea’ is completely inappropriate. Sitting at the cliffs, looking towards the sea, they look as if they were contemplating life. I believe that the name ‘Sea Philosopher’ would be much more suitable.

Both my trips to the Saltees were really great experiences. I was able to sit almost in the middle of the bird colony and watch them building their nests and bring fish from the sea.

(C) Marta Stoklosa
(C) Marta Stoklosa

3 thoughts on “Sea Parrot”

  1. It’s no wonder that puffins always look like they’re deep in thought. Think of all the books that they are responsible for publishing every year.


      1. Both birds publish books! Puffins do children’s books while the Penguins concentrate on grown ups. Pelicans used to publish educational books but I think they stopped a few decades ago. They probably went back to fishing and showing off their great big beaks!


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