Spoilt Picture

I spent a couple of hours in the darkroom working on this picture. I completed all the tests, filters, dodging and burning only to learn that the picture is completely useless. I had hoped for a really good print from this negative and got such a disappointment. I do not know how it happened but the negative got scratched in the corner and is completely useless now. Did I mishandle it while processing? Or did someone else scratch it when it was in the dryer? I cannot do much about it now, but it is so frustrating when all your work is for nothing. I will still keep it in my home archive though.

(C) Marta Stoklosa
(C) Marta Stoklosa

One thought on “Spoilt Picture”

  1. You’re being much too hard on yourself. This picture isn’t spoilt at all. In fact it looks really good. I’d be chuffed if I could take and develop a picture half as good.


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