The Resurrection of Sea Turnstone

I did my exams a few days ago which means that my photographic course is now finished. I thought that the first term of the course would be the hardest that I would have to go through. Alas, this was far from true.  The second term proved much harder and much more demanding. The organisation of the course was not extremely good which didn’t help matters.  Anyway, it is all over now. My head is, however, full of bits and pieces of information about art, different kinds of photography and different techniques. I feel totally lost and confused.
All the work I did during this term was restricted by the assignment briefs and serious time pressure.  This meant that I did not have much chance to explore the areas in which I was most interested. Now I think that I should give myself a year for my own research projects.  This will allow me to experiment with different kinds of photography in order to decide where I would like to go further. And most important of all, I hope to actually enjoy taking pictures once again. Hopefully by this time next year my portfolio will be ready l.
Anyway, I thought it would be nice to record my ideas, work and attempts, so the Sea Turnstone is coming back to life.

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