Forgotten Dublin

Last weekend was probably the first one in weeks that I spent at home without any particular plans or things to do. It was a great opportunity to remind myself of what the city of Dublin looks like and how many nice things one can do here. First, I had a chance to visit the Hugh Lane Gallery. Although, the main reason I wanted to go there was to see Harry Clarke’s stained glass, I was surprised how good the overall exhibition was. The “Eve of St Agnes” is an amazing piece of art and it is really hard not to spend hours following the story captured in this stained glass. Although it was definitely the highlight of the gallery I really enjoyed the Impressionist part of the exhibition as well.
(C) Harry Clarke, Dublin City Gallery Hugh Lane
(C) Harry Clarke, Dublin City Gallery Hugh Lane
Secondly, I finally started exploring Dublin and tracing its colonial past from a photographic perspective. The first place to visit was the earliest Georgian street in Dublin – Henrietta Street and King’s Inns. This old part of Dublin is well worth being documented and has a big potential for photographic experimentation. I thought that using a High Dynamic Range technique for this image would help to show the age and neglect of this area. Initially I tried to take this image in colour in order to highlight the redness of the brick houses.  Later I realised that it would work out much better in black and white. The clouds enhanced by HDR add a grim and dramatic effect to the image. The picture is framed in such a way as to have the buildings gradually disappear into the limits of the image.
(C) Marta Stoklosa
(C) Marta Stoklosa

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