Third time lucky. I was in Pszczyna two times before, but on both occasions I did not have a chance to see inside Pszczyna Castle. The castle was probably built in the 13th century but the first records mentioning it came from the 15th century. Throughout the centuries it was rebuilt in renessaince, baroque and classicist styles. The castle was first owned by members of the Piast dynasty and then respectively by the Promnitz, Anhalt-Köthen-Pless and Hochberg families. During World War I it was used by the German Emperor William II as his military headquarters. It was also used by the “dynamic duo” of Generals Ludendorff and Hindenberg who commanded the Eastern Front and secured the conquest of Russian Poland and beyond.
Apart from the castle rooms one can visit the Armoury and the Miniatures Room, which contains pictures from different European countries and number of temporary exhibitions. Among the miniatures was a daguerrotype picture. This was the first one that I have ever seen in real life. It was a little bit different than I expected, but still extremely beautiful.
What is really worth mentioning is that, unlike many castle museums, around 80% of the interior exhibits are original to the castle.


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