Return to the Saltees

I did not think that I would make it to the Great Saltee Island this year as a result of unsuitable weather conditions and being so busy. Fortunately, I managed to book a place on the boat one Saturday in July. I grabbed my backpack containing camera accessories, raincoat and sandwiches and got the 6am bus to Wexford and then to Kilmore Quay. I suspected that the middle of July may not have been the best time to go bird watching there but I was proved wrong.

Although some of the chicks were nearly as big as their parents, the late spring meant that many of them had hatched quite late. They still looked like tiny fluffy balls except for the gannet chicks who looked like gigantic fluffy balls. It was great to see the chicks. However, I think that the highlight was seeing a Puffin fight. These birds are usually so calm and quiet. The sight of two of them fighting was hilarious.


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