Making the Most of the Studio

During the summer I had a chance to work in the college photographic studio. I was supposed to polish the skills that I had gained during last term.  In the last few weeks I feel that I have finally started to understand and gain control over all those lamps and cables. I am really grateful to those friends who kindly agreed to help me and posed for pictures.
Although there was a lot of messing around, I managed to produce a few images that I am kind of happy with. One of these pictures features a musician friend which you can see below. In this image she is smiling and hiding her face behind the violin.  The shadow of the fiddle enhances the effect of mystery. Cropping the frame into a square is supposed to concentrate the viewer’s attention on her ‘smiling eye’ as well as creating a CD cover type of image.
I still need much more experience of working with people to feel comfortable photographing them but I feel I have made huge steps in this department.
(C) Marta Stoklosa
(C) Marta Stoklosa

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