Krakow Highlights

The museum in the Schindler factory that I described in my previous blog was definitely the highlight of the trip to Krakow. However, there are a few more places that are also worth mentioning.

The newly renovated numismatic museum in Czapski Palace hosts one of the biggest coin collections in Poland. Although there are many coins from ancient Greece, Rome and Byzantium in the museum, the highlight is the collection of Polish coins. It was funny to see the coin minted by King Boleslaw I Chrobry that appears on the contemporary 20 Polish Zloty banknote.  Boleslaw probably intended the bird to be a phoenix.  It looks more like a chicken though!  There is a carving of a strange creature called a Chimera on the wall outside the museum.  He’s supposed to be guarding all the precious coins!

The walk around the market square in Krakow is always really nice and one can call in to the Sukiennice Museum. It contains a few of the best Polish 19th century paintings.  These are worth visiting as they give the visitor snapshots from Polish history and mythology.  It’s also a fairly small museum so you don’t leave bored or overwhelmed.

It is well worth going to Nowa Huta to see relics of the Communist past.  However, there are also impressive wooden churches to be seen as well as the country retreat of the famous painter Jan Matejko.  You’ll see a few of his paintings in the Sukiennice Museum.



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