Dublin by Night

The IFSC is probably one of the most photographed spots in Dublin and I’ve already taken a number of images of the place. Although I work at the IFSC and am there every day, I have never attempted to take any night pictures of it until last Friday. This might be considered strange because for at least 3 months of a year, when it gets completely dark before 5pm, all I’d have to do is to take my camera and tripod to work. Last Friday I managed to persuade my work collegue Dee to go for a few photos after work.

What I didn’t consider was that at this time of a year one needs much warmer clothes and warm gloves for this kind of venture. OK, it would be hard to take pictures wearing gloves but it was equally hard to do it with my fingers being numb. I got these pictures before my fingers got completely frozen. A couple of days later I’m happy to anounce that I still don’t have any symptoms of pneumonia. I’m looking forward to seeing Dee’s pictures.


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