Probably the Most Expensive Swans in Ireland

The most famous swans in Ireland are probably the Children of Lir.  However, the most expensive swans in Ireland are those found on the campus at University College Dublin. Every spring the juvenile swans that are supposed to leave their parents were prevented from taking off by new buildings surrounding the existing pond.  The new buildings require flight manoeuvres that were too challenging for young birds taking their first flight.  The father swan would start to use force to persuade them to leave before the arrival of the new batch of cygnets.  He came close to drowning them at times.  This meant that the young swans had to be exported in batches to Dublin’s Grand Canal by the groundkeepers. The new Law School building was especially designed to include an entirely  new pond.  This pond was purposely designed for the swans with an isle for nesting and a runway for the cygnets. Regrettably my friends’s office is located in the wrong part of the building to enable him to develop a new career as a swan air traffic controller.

The pictures of the swans below were taken on the old pond.


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