The Lumirex Camera

I’ve always dreamt about having a bellows camera. This Lumirex bellows camera was a Christmas present that I received two weeks ago.

The Lumiere camera factory was established in Lyon in 1893 by the photographer Charles Antoine Lumiere. His sons Auguste and Louis became famous as pioneers in the field of cinematography. The documentary film “Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory” made by Louis Lumiere in 1895 is considered to be the first motion picture.

On the basis of information that I found in a number of sources it seems that my camera may be a wartime model. I wonder if witnessed the horror of WWII or captured the joy of its end? How many big events and how many quiet moments did it capture before it was placed in an attic and forgotten for decades?

I’m still not entirely sure if I’ll manage to restore it to working condition and succeed in shooting a few rolls of film with it. Anyway, even if I don’t succeed at least I’ll still have an absolutely beautiful item of history to display and treasure.

(C) Marta Stoklosa
(C) Marta Stoklosa

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