Colonial Dublin Project

A few months ago I decided to take up a personal photographic project to keep me occupied and to ensure that my work was structured and organised. The idea of a Colonial Ireland Project occurred to me when I was still in college and we were discussing ideas for projects. At that time a colleague was briefly considering a similar idea but dropped it quickly. I really liked the idea as it reflects my interests in both photography and history.

I would like to photograph buildings erected during the time of British rule in Ireland bearing royal symbols or other references to the British Empire. Many of these buildings were either destroyed or had the royal symbols removed over the years. However, many of them have survived and can be explored with the camera. For the time being I have decided to concentrate on Dublin, firstly, because it is where I live and secondly, probably most of the buildings and symbols that I am looking for are in and around Dublin. Later I intend to explore the rest of the island of Ireland.

The pictures in this post are as follows:
The King’s Inns
The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital
Collins Barracks
Arbour Hill Cemetery of British Soldiers
King’s Bridge (Sean Heuston Bridge)


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