Prague Revisited

I’ve been thinking about revisiting Prague for a long time but it took me 17 or 18 years to actually do it. The first time I was in Prague was during a secondary school trip and all I remember was being shoved through the most important tourist attractions with a whole group of grumpy teenagers. Most of the people were more interested in how to get access to Czech beer without being noticed by the teacher than in appreciating the beauty of the city. That’s why I was sure I had to go there again, although I didn’t realise that it would take me so long to actually do it.

Last September I spent my holidays in my hometown in Poland, which is only approximately 70km from the Czech border. As I was close enough and had a convenient railway connection, I thought that it might be a good idea for a short city break.

I revisited places I had seen during my first trip to Prague e.g. Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral, Basilica of St George, Golden Lane. After so many years I had only a vague memory of these places and they were definitely worth seeing again. During this visit I gave much more attention to the Jewish quarter of the city and its Art Nouveau buildings.

Although three full days seemed to be plenty of time to visit all the places that interested me, I quickly realised that it wasn’t enough. There is still so much I’d love to see in Prague but I hope it will take me less than 17 years to go there again.


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