Treasure on the Doorstep

I really love discovering things, especially in places where you would least expect them. I’ve walked past the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Balbriggan a few times during the last 6 months, but it never came into my mind to call in and have a look around. It was only when I was looking into Harry Clarke’s stained glass windows in County Dublin that I discovered that two of them, “The Visitation” and “The Widow’s Son”, are actually in the church in Balbriggan. When I went to see the windows I was really amazed.

It wasn’t just the two windows by Harry Clarke that made a huge impression on me, although they are actually thought to be among his finest. I saw that most of the other stained glass windows in this church are well worth a look. Although only “The Visitation” and “The Widow’s Son” are confirmed to be by Harry Clarke, the style of a few of the other windows make me think that they might have been made in his studio. Here are the images of these hidden gems of Balbriggan.

The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple

The Annunciation

Jesus meeting Mary Magdalene

The Resurrection of Jesus

Jesus as a Boy at the Temple

The Visitation

The Last Judgement

The Widow’s Son


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