Although I have vague memories of being in Salzburg before, it must have been around 25 years ago and I didn’t really remember the city too well. It was a nice coincidence that I had a few free hours between my flight into Salzburg and the train to Schladming and was able to visit the city again. Of course, six hours weren’t enough to see it properly but I still managed to visit the city’s fortress Festung Hochensalzburg, walk by the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, wander around the old town and enter St Rupert’s church.

Festung Hohensalzburg was definitely a good choice for more thorough exploration. In addition to the interesting exhibition relating to the history of the city and the fortress, the view of Salzburg from the top of the hill is really amazing.

I was really impressed with the amount of padlocks fixed to the bridge over the river Salzach. However, I’m still not sure if I like the custom of locking padlocks to bridges.


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