Pawel Jasinski Art

Two weeks ago I was asked to photograph a painting session. The idea was to create a sort of reportage on the painter’s work with a particular model posing in a studio. This photgraphic task was quite challenging for me for various reasons. First, the small size of the room prevented me from moving freely.  Secondly, the mixture of daylight and the light from the flash was hard to control, especially as I don’t have much experience working with a flash. Finally, the whole event was much more dynamic than I had expected.  After all, I wasn’t just photographing the studio or the sitting model but also the painter who was constantly moving and arranging props. As the whole project was about the painter and his art, I thought it would be a funny idea to “frame” the painter. I composed some of the images using a mirror and put the subjects into the mirror’s frame. The last image of the pancake with whipped cream and fruit is a little bit unrelated to the whole theme, but it shows how the props were used at the end of the day.

All the paintings photographed are by Pawel Jasinski A big ‘thank you’ to Pawel Jasinski and his model for that day, Kasia.


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