Sentimental Journey – Sarajevo 4

Sarajevo has been one of the most ethnically diverse areas in Europe for many years. Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians and Muslims had been living beside each other peacefully for centuries. However, when Bosnia and Hercegovina declared its independence from the former Yugoslav federation in March 1992, the Serbs, feared the idea of being controlled by the Muslim Slavs who formed the biggest proportion of the population. This led to a 3 year long military conflict. The siege of Sarajevo that lasted over 1,400 days from 1992 to 1995 was the longest siege in modern European history.

These images show the Sarajevo brewery, the neighbouring Franciscan Monastery and Church of St Ante and the Tunnel Museum. The Sarajevo brewery played an important role during the siege of the city.  It is built on the one of the largest fresh water springs in the city and during the siege it was the only source of drinking water for the people trapped in the city.  The 700m long tunnel dug under the Sarajevo airport was the only way to transport supplies for people living in Sarajevo as well as to transport badly wounded civilians and soldiers out of the city.  It was also used to export cigarettes from the factory in Sarajevo which created the only income for the city at that time.

Sarajevo was a city saved by beer and cigarettes.


4 thoughts on “Sentimental Journey – Sarajevo 4”

    1. I hope you’ll have a great time there! Sarajevo is a really unique city due to its cultural diversity. You should definitely walk along Ferhadija Street and see the Latin Bridge. The nice thing about Sarajevo is that it’s a lovely city to walk around and all the interesting places are quite close to each other.


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