The Supertonic Orchestra – PolskaÉire Festival 2016

I mentioned the Supertonic Orchestra in an earlier blog about the PolskaÉire Festival 2015. This year the band was back for another great night of Polish Folk and Klezmer music crossed with Rock and Jazz.

The Supertonic Orchestra find inspiration in the tunes, songs and dances created by communities  living in Poland between the XVI and XVIII centuries. During that time Europe was tormented by religious persecution and Poland offered refuge to many ethnic and religious groups. Hasidic and Ashkenazi Jews, Tatars, Germans, Ukrainians, Gypsies and others could prosper there, preserve their culture and ultimately mix with the native peoples, particularly the minorities from the Carpathian region . All these influences created the great diversity of Polish traditional music.

The Supertonic Orchestra is based in Dublin and includes the following musicians: Przemyslaw Lozowski: vocals, fiddle, accordion, trumpet, hurdy-gurdy Andrzej Krempowicz: vocals Aneta Moran: saxophones, vocals Marek Blaszyk: clarinet Ximo Tur: trombone Marcin Natorski: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, vocals Marco Santaroni: double bass, electric bass Chris Hokamp: drums, percussion.

The Supertonic Orchestra music


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