Kapela Maliszów – PolskaÉire Festival 2016

I intended to publish a post about Kapela Maliszow a long time ago but for various reasons it took me longer than expected to prepare it. The band performed in Dublin during the PolskaÉire Festival in May 2016 along with the Supertonic Orchestra that I mentioned in one of the previous posts.

Kapela Maliszów is a family band from Męcina Mała, a small village in Beskid Niski (Low Beskids – one of the Beskids mountain ranges in the Outer Eastern Carpathians in southeastern Poland and northeastern Slovakia). The band consists of multi-instrumentalist Jan Malisz and his children Zuzanna and Kacper. Their music is inspired by folk songs and dance music from Gorlice county (a region in Beskid Niski that used to be a melting pot of Polish, Lemko, Hungarian, and Jewish cultures) and is performed in a traditional way on violin, basolia (a folk instrument similar to a cello) and drum. Having said that, the band also plays a lot of mazurkas that are more typical of central Poland rather than southeastern Poland.

Kapela Maliszów Music


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