Achill Island

Achill Island in County Mayo is the largest island off the coast of Ireland. Its area is 148 km2 and it is attached to the mainland by Michael Davitt bridge between the villages of Achill Sound and Polranny.

Slievemore (672m) is the highest mountain in Achill. Four Megalithic Tombs (built between 4000 and 3000 B.C.) are located on the southern slope of Slievemore. They were used for collective burials.
At the base of Slievemore lies the Deserted Village consisting of approximately 80 ruined houses. The houses were built of unmortared stone. That means that no cement or mortar was used to hold the stones together. Each house consisted of just one room and this room was used as a kitchen, living room, bedroom and even a stable. People lived in the village for many years, however, when in 1845 the Great Famine struck in Achill, as it did in the rest of Ireland, most of the families moved to the nearby village of Dooagh while some others emigrated.


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